Topps redemptions in Triple Threads!

Looks like your overpriced box of Triple Threads might include a redemption or two…

You know, I would expect that if I am investing in a box that comes close to the price of Triple Threads the last thing I would ever see is a redemption card. I can understand why they show up in Bowman and other products but Triple Threads is for the big spendin’, U.D Black case-buying type and this is not supposed to happen.

Think of “Joe Collector” on Steroids. That’s the guy who buys Triple Threads and that’s the guy getting screwed big time. Something tells me this time around Beckett won’t give Triple Threads the “product of the year” award.

To the guy who wins this card on eBay, good luck getting it redeemed within a year!

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2 Responses to "Topps redemptions in Triple Threads!"

  1. Gellman says:

    Triple Threads has had redemptions each year, and they are almost always on the triple autos. I hate triple threads because it is always the same cards over and over and over again.

  2. Dave says:

    Why would the redemptions stop Beckett from giving Triple Threads the “product of the year” award? It’s not like Beckett cares about real frustrations that collectors have with the card companies…

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