How rare is this preview card?

Although the design is one of my least favorites, 1991 Donruss created waves in The Hobby that can still be felt to this day. If you recall, Donruss inserted serial numbered Elite cards that to this day demand a premium despite some being numbered up to 10,000.

1991 Donruss has two different Jose Canseco base cards, along with an insert titled Grand Slammers and of course, the wonderful Elite card. All four of these cards feature less than stellar photography, despite being some of the best of 1991. In my 20 years of collecting, I never knew another ’91 Donruss card existed until tonight.

Check out this “rare” 1991 Donruss Preview card. The card looks absolutely stunning and although I have no clue on the print run, I have never in my life seen one in a hobby shop, card show, or anywhere on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are no recent completed auctions so I don’t know just how rare the card truly is.

According to Sports Collectors Digest, the 12-card set demands a $135 dollar price tag, which seems somewhat outrageous. They list the Barry Bonds and Nolan Ryan at $45 dollars a piece, with Griffey Jr. at $35. The opening bid on the Jose preview card is $10 dollars but it’s one card I will definitely keep my eye on.

As for the checklist:

1. Dave Justice
2. Doug Drabek
3. Scott Chiampirino
4. Ken Griffey Jr.
5. Bob Welch
6. Tino Martinez
7. Nolan Ryan
8. Dwight Gooden
9. Ryne Sandberg
10. Barry Bonds
11. Jose Canseco
12. Eddie Murray

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  1. Mad Guru says:

    Look at those legends…..Ryan, Bonds, Sandberg, Chiamparino. Wait…,huh? Chiamparino? The guy had a whole six major league starts when this was released. Was he married to the daughter of a Donruss exec or something?

  2. Bryan says:

    I have no idea who Chiamparino is and I watched A LOT of baseball in 199.

  3. JBob says:

    Don’t forget about the AL vs. AS in the stat line for the card #50.


    Im not really sure how rare this variation is either to be honest ive been too lazy to go see if i even have it.

  4. Harner says:

    The only thing I can tell you is that the preview cards were given to hobby dealers.

  5. DamonX says:

    I loved Donruss ’91…only because that was the second year into my collecting and I received my very first box of cards on my birthday. Ended up getting one of those Elite cards…unfortunately it was of Doug Drabek and I was still at the stage of sorting and looking at my cards everyday without top loaders. Isn’t in the best of shape now, lol!

  6. Great, very difficult question about the value. I guess this is one where we’ll really see what the market will bear. Long live capitalism!

  7. Newspaperman says:

    Chiamparino was a Ranger pitching prospect. Bottom line, he sucked. BUT he was a Rated Rookie that year …

    Your enemies at Beckett state (in the annual Almanac) that these were were given to hobby dealers. Not sure what that really translates into in terms of print run. If you asked me to guess, I’d say somewhere from 15,000 to 25,000 based on supposed print runs of other promo cards issued from 1990-1993.

  8. todduncommon says:

    Ten bucks seems like a fair price for that. “Rarity” in the hobby is a strange bird. There could be thousands of the preview cards in the worldwide population, but availability certainly seems to be low. There are those that have one and keep it, or some that have one and don’t know it, much less offer it for sale.

    As a reference, I suspect that there is a smaller population 1989 Upper Deck prototypes of DeWayne Buice (a while guy named DeWayne?) and Wally Joyner, than there are of these peak-of-the-hype promos. These cards have been well chronicled in Card Sharks.

    The Buice can be had for $30, and both can be had for $150, and even that feels like a premium of convenience.

    Don’t even get me started on the faith-based card value system.

    This seems to be the magic (dare I say “mojorb”?) of Junk Wax. Out of all of those piles of coal come some rough diamonds. It would be too easy to overlook these, especially when dropped into a storage box with other flotsam of the era.

  9. jl says:

    I would think that if these were given to dealers in the 90′s they would have whored them onto the public. Remember the 1991 leaf preview cards they commanded a top price, and the elite I remember dealers ripping wax and resealing just to get them. If the Donruss 1991 previews really exsist, why did it take almost 20yrs to get noticed. I will have to ask my local guy to see if he did get them, because until today I had no clue they were out there.

  10. AJ says:

    What about the 1989 Donruss/Leaf Blue Chip cards? where did they come from?

  11. jl says:

    Since this post I have check ebay, Who would have ever thought that a 1991 donruss card reguardless if it is a preview would sell over a dollar. To boot it looks like there are more yrs included for donruss 90, 91, 92. So I guess that they are not as rare. Mario saw a Canseco 91 preview on ebay starting bid 9.99.

  12. Andy Kimball says:

    These were given away 2 cards per dealer so they were pretty scarce.

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