Matt LaPorta, baseball hero

With all the bad publicity athletes create these days, it’s almost impossible not to become bitter and resentful. Thankfully, there are still good guys left in the game like 24-year old Matt Laporta.

Recently, a  member of Freedom Card Board had to go in for surgery. During recovery, his parents left and when they returned had quite a big surprise with them. Matt LaPorta, one of baseball’s most hyped prospects came in and spent over an hour with Anthony.

Not only did Matt make his year by showing up, he also brought tons of goodies including a signed Louisville Slugger bat and baseball. In return, LaPorta’s new lifelong fan gave Matt a wooden cross necklace which he immediately put on and promised to never take off.

You can find lots of photos and more details on the story HERE.

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10 Responses to "Matt LaPorta, baseball hero"

  1. kris says:

    That’s terrific. I’m sure more players would do such generous things if they weren’t inundated with requests. The unfortunate part of visiting someone, mainly kids, is that there’ll always be hundreds or thousands that you won’t be able to get to. Then it becomes a mess; I mean who do you say yes to, and who do you politely decline?

    Either way, good on LaPorta for it. I’d much rather see players brighten up the day of one dude than give a chunk of their salary to charity for tax reasons. Most of the guys don’t understand that they’re time is infinitely more valuable than their money. The only time they seem to understand that, is when they receive a reduced sentence based on community service.

  2. Im getting goose bumps.


    Its good to know athletes like Matt still exist.


  3. David says:

    That is awesome. Keeping in mind this kids is just 24 years old, but the maturity to go visit this kid in a hospital (not the most enjoyable place to be) to make this kids year. Like the last post, I agree that there will always be kids missed, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t do it. Because the kids you do go see, it means the world to them. In addition of the memories, I am not an expert, but I am sure that the motivation these visits give sick kids gives them the strength to fight. Good for Mr. LaPorta, we need more players like him in the game. Less ego, more character.

    Thanks for sharing Mario.

  4. Nic says:

    Nice story. LaPorta just gained himself another fan.

  5. Good to hear, Matt was always a nice person when he was playing in Gainesville from what I’ve been told.

  6. Bryan says:

    that’s awesome! Matt seems like a good guy.
    Thanks for posting something positive.

  7. Eric E says:

    That is cool of Matt to do that :) I feel like I have heard of Matt LaPorta before though… name sounds extremely familiar. Probably saw a card of him on this site. Anyways I just know i have heard his name on TV…

  8. chemgod says:

    Great post Mario! Why don’t stories like these end up on Sports Center so we can see the good things players do and not just the bad things. LaPorta has a fan for life here!

  9. James says:

    Great story. Thanks for sharing. I wish more of this existed without the ESPN cameras and Chris Connolly narrating.

  10. gobigpelf34 says:

    Wow, this story made my day. God bless matt for being such a great person, and I wish anthony a full healthy recovery!

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