Upper Deck Moves to New Headquarters

On Wednesday I got an email from Upper Deck’s Public Relations Manager informing me that the company was moving offices and would be without phone and Internet service for about a week.

Out of curiosity, I went to Google Maps to check out both addresses.  The old Upper Deck headquarters appeared to be in a rather large office and warehouse space, while the new headquarters is in a much smaller building located just 2.5 miles away in another part of Carlsbad, CA.

Naturally, we don’t know how much of the original building Upper Deck was actually leasing.

The Upper Deck blog did acknowledge the move with a photo of vans outside the old Carlsbad corporate headquarters, and notes that there may be some customer service disruption over the next few days and everything gets set up in the new office.

The company also moved their Quality Assurance and Redemption teams to their printing facility in North Carolina earlier this year, which might account for the need to hold onto less space in California.

This map shows the short distance and large size difference between the two office buildings in Carlsbad:

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3 Responses to "Upper Deck Moves to New Headquarters"

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  2. Wow. I don’t know of any business that intends to move and then just basically shut down operations completely while the phone service and ISP get hooked up. That just seems absurd, and relatively easily overcome, with some forethought.

    There’s an OSH not far from me that is closing, in order to move to a larger location. That old location’s last day is the day before the new location’s first day. They have to move hardware, lumber, barbecues, and potting soil that doesn’t blow out the doors with the relocation sale to the new location. That’s a pile of stuff, and they know that one day out of business all too easily can be the first step on the road to every day out of business.

    If OSH can figure it out, why can’t Upper Deck, the self-styled leader in the Cardiverse?

    I guess there is a bright side. I imagine that the back doors in the new places are smaller for product to escape.

    If UD can’t find its way back to being awesome with Lacrosse and Thor cards, I imagine that pretty soon all I will be able to buy from Upper Deck will be these things through Amazon.

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