Various Wager Types Available Online and Live Gaming

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Sports wagering has been in the gaming industry for a long time already. Several sportsbooks nowadays are hosting various sports staking platforms for its broad community of gamers. They can access these bookies and place their wagers online, offline, and even through their mobile phones. At, players can also participate in live wagering events which host huge sporting events and tournaments today.

With the growing population of sportsbook games and platforms, it is essential for players to familiarize themselves with the different types of sports bets. This will assist them on maximizing their wagers through winning gameplays. Here are some of the known types of sports wagering for players to try in these sportsbooks and bookies:

Win Bet or Moneyline Stake

Win bet or moneyline wager at the top online sportsbooks is considered as the most used sports wagering variant in the industry today because anyone can easily understand its staking mechanics. Players just need to choose which participating sports team will win the game. It is a simple win or loses wagering scheme where they win their played wager if their chosen team wins and losses when it loses the match.

It is widely used almost in most parts of the world, while moneyline wager is usually used in the United States and other regions. On the other hand, few other regions use "straight bet" to refer to this wager type. But it is somehow confused with the point spread wagering scheme which will be discussed next.

Point Spreads Wagers

Point spreads is the most popular wagering type used in various sports like basketball and football. Compared with the win bet scheme, players need to consider the "spread" initially set by accredited bookmakers in choosing their winning players or teams. The spread usually determines the favourite and the underdog.

Players need to cover the spread which determines if their wager wins or loses. Wagers played for the favourites should win by the equivalent points of the pre-determined spread to be credited a win. Meanwhile, those who placed their stakes on the underdog can only win it when their favoured teams either win the game or lose by less than the spread size.

Handicap Wagering

Another type of sports wagering is handicap staking or simply handicap. Handicap is somehow similar to the point spread scheme. But instead of setting a spread, players are given several wagering options - which sometimes include the draw option - to either increase or decrease their winning chances. They may either reduce the presented odds to increase their chances to win or improve the odds set but decrease their win rate.

Parlays or Accumulators

Players who are looking for chances of increasing their winnings by placing wagers on multiple teams can try the Parlays or Accumulators scheme. This wagering system is also known as the "multiples" since multiple teams are chosen in wagers played. However, they should assure that all these played teams will win on the round they are set, or all wager will be a loss even if only one team loses. This may be risky for some sportsbook gamers, but it is somehow rewarding with the right gameplay.

Parlays users should also ensure that they check the payout methods of several sportsbook platforms. As of the moment, there are two payout categories on this wagering scheme. Most platforms today use fixed payouts detailed in their payout tables. Payout value varies on the number of selected teams per round.

On the other hand, other parlays supported bookies multiply the winning odds of all selected teams every time players have successful wagers. This may result in huge total payouts for them even if they're just playing with a number of teams on-board.

There is also a progressive parlays variant which offers a lower risk of losing all played wager in just one mistake. Players still receive payouts even if they just win one of their played wagers for the game. However, this variant poses low payout values compared with the initial variants under this scheme.

Futures or Outrights

Futures/outrights, also known as ante-post wagering, allows players to place their stakes even before its participating sports league or tournament starts. These include huge sporting events like English Premier League for soccer, the Super Bowl for football, the French Open for tennis, and the U.S. Masters for golf.

This variant is also risky for players since anything might happen between the wagering period and the actual match. Their teams may experience difficulty in executing their gameplay, some players might get injured, or worst is that their favoured individuals quit even before they start the game.

There are other types of sports bets available in the sports betting market today which include Reverse Bets, Teasers and Pleasers, Full Cover Wagers, If Bets, Prop Stakes or Specials, Over-Unders or Totals, and Permutation Wagering. There are also game-centric staking types such as Run Line for baseball, Correct Score for soccer, Puck Line for ice hockey, and Grand Salami for both hockey and baseball.

All these sports wagering variants are governed by specific staking rules and guides which players should understand before they even place their initial wagers at top sportsbook sites.